Monday, August 23, 2010

School, "Them", & the arts

Hey, Jordin here. You know, I really thought I was forgetting something... something important... oh yeah, school.
Am I excited? Ehh.
Am I scared? Please, I'm not 7.
Then what's wrong? Oh yeah, they're all going to school with ME now. *bangs head on keyboard*

I go to California Arts: Angl Academy. Only I go. And now everyone else is going to. Joy. Yes, saying 'joy' is sarcasm.

You know, we use to go to different schools, my school was the one place that was "sister-free". It was the one place where actresses and singers like me could be their selves. Now, I'm going to have 5 sisters bugging me at home and at school everyday. At Angl Academy (pronounced like Angel), I'm surrounded by other beautiful actresses and singers, but now I will be surrounded by them.

Luckily, we won't have any classes together! I know you're thinking, "then why are you so mad?" because everything I do, everything I say at school, will be told to mom at home. I don't get in trouble, but sometimes, there are girls who bug me....and...sometimes....I take one down now and then...- but it won't be happening from now on because Ruthie will see it, she'll tell Samantha, who will tell Jess, who will tell mom. Then Lanie and Gwen will eventually find out and they will start taking me "down" for fun. <------ That's why I will no longer be aggressive.

Here's my final conclusion:
Jess will be on the soccer team.
Samantha will be playing piano.
I will be in the performing arts.
Gwen will be with the historians.
Lanie will be in the science club.
And Ruthie will be with the writers.

So, that's all for now. Except, oh yeah, mom has been working on a blanket for us for about 2 weeks now and finally finished it! I asked Jess "Where is it? Where is it?" She pointed to Samantha's bed, it was just sitting there. And then my face dropped. It was.... I was horrified.


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Anonymous said...

LOL, Jordin! I seriously wish there was such thing as a school without annoying people (and I'm pretty sure you know who I mean), but apparently that's not possible. So my advice is: be excited about school. You'll see your sisters less than you do now. >.<

AND you get to perform. I 'get' to take advanced French. XP