Monday, September 6, 2010

NEW/OLD BLOG!!! Fearless Adventures: American Girl

Okay, so we have one last thing to say. The reason we created this blog so all of the dolls could get a chance to post. Well, we were too convinced with the "making a new blog" plan, we didn't think about changing the name of Jess's Adventure Blog. 

We will now be using that one once again! Sorry for all of these "back and forth" problems. So, Jess's Blog is now RENAMED.... "Fearless Adventures: American Girl".
I (Lexii) love the quote Fearless. Taylor Swift uses the quote a lot, and ever since that album came out (like... almost 2 years ago), I have been (sort of) living by the quote 'fearless'. :) 

So, if you liked Jess's Blog, I renamed it, redesigned it, and deleted all of those boring posts, so please go check it out! (Link below)
It's our true home!
Thank you, and hope to blog for a much longer time on "Fearless Adventures: American Girl"

Lexii & the dolls