Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Hello and... goodbye? Blog news!

Hey, everyone! It's Lexii here. Tomorrow is the first day of school for me! As I am saying 'hello' to a new school year, I have some 'goodbye' news. I really don't use this blog much, so I've decided to just stop blogging. I use my youtube a lot more, so I feel like I don't really need this blog. I don't want to delete it, I don't think that's fair for my 15 followers. I'm not mad or anything, I'd just rather read blog posts, not make them. You know? :) Of course, I will still be reading all of the fabulous posts by the AG lovers! So you will still see comments from me :) Thanks for reading! And if you have just found out about my blog, enjoy all of the past posts I've done! Love, Lexii :)

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The Crazy Doll Auynti!! said...

We will miss you but sure do understand .. ..

The Crazy Doll Lady